Love your neighbor, give them carrots.

Our amazing neighbors invited the kids over to dig carrots and potatoes.  

Our neighbor has cancer.  His wife and grown children have been caring for him night and day. It had been months since I had seen him out and about.  Before he got sick, he was outside everyday tending to his prize roses and vegetables.  Nothing could stop him…not rain, wind, cold, heat…he is an inspiration to me.  Every time I think I can’t possibly continue to tend my garden, when my hands are cracked and my legs are aching, I look out the window or over the fence and see him out there, still working.  At 80 something, he puts me to shame.  

He was outside with the boys today, soaking up a few rays.  Cancer treatments have taken their toll, but I took it as a good sign that he came out with his hoe and rake for a few minutes and laughed at the boys digging up his veggies.  

I love how gardens bring people together. Gardens and food.  Sharing of wisdom and planting dates and seeds and harvests.  My boys are beginning to understand this…after looking at the pile of gorgeously brilliant carrots on our table, they breathed out a sigh of wonder that our neighbors would give us all THIS.  Just because.  Their bellies will be filled tonight because of the kindness of a neighbor.    



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