A newbie, again.

I’m getting prepared to start homeschooling my  just turned-5 year old. Right now he attends a Montessori preschool one morning a week. He hates it.  

He has been trying to convince me for months that he is ready to be homeschooled. I think I’m finally ready to let him make that choice for himself.

But I need to prepare.  I don’t know what I’m doing, all over again.  

I experienced this when I started homeschooling my now 7 year old a year ago.  All the old questions and insecurities came rushing back…

“Where do I start?”

“What’s his learning style? How will I know what works?”

“What curriculum should I use?  What if we dislike it or it doesn’t work?”

“What if we don’t get along or I can’t do this?”

…on top of that, my 5 year old is very gifted.   

The intensity of the his questions and already acquired knowledge floors me, everyday.  It is exhausting keeping up with his questions, many of which I don’t even know how to begin to answer.

A good friend reminded me that I don’t need all the answers, I simply need to teach him how to find the answers he seeks.  

So I’m holding on to that thought– I am a facilitator, and it is okay to say, “I don’t know, but let’s find out, together.”



A few weeks ago my husband spotted an old X-ray box at Goodwill. We snagged it for a couple bucks. 

It’s snowing here today and we’ve all been sick for awhile. CABIN FEVER has set in and so I busted out the light box.

Thankfully, I had planned ahead and had some materials for them to explore…though truthfully, I think I enjoyed it more than they did.

We talked about adding colors together, magnetism, shadows, the insides vs. outsides of animals, bones, flight, organs, eggs, the purpose of tails, TAKING TURNS, spines, cartilage, dinosaurs vs. lizards, infants born live (not in eggs), mammals, and so on.